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The Goddess Project

Athena Etana (/əˈθiːnə/; Attic Greek: Ἀθηνᾶ, Athēnā) is a singer, songwriter, composer, acoustics engineer and music producer. She is a soprano with vocal range C (f6). Born in Thessaloniki and raised between Athens and London UK, she first became worldwide known for her vocals on "First Contact" from the album from "Ι.Χ.Ω.Ρ." (Ichor) - "Feelings For Healing" by Candyflip Records in mid 2007, when nominated as Best Chill Out/Ambient Album for 2007, by German Magazine "Mushroom". 

In 2008 she collaborates with Pan Papason from Etnicanet Recordings, an artist with numerous hits and appearances around the world, that signed with Dropland Records from Spain to release their hit "From The Beginning Of The Time" that established the brand when it became one of the first most downloading track on Juno and a high point for the career of both artists.

In 2009, Athena Etana collaborated with PAUSE, a very known music producer, artist and label manager from Athens that provided music for major label Heaven Music, the label owned by Greek T.V. Station ANT1, to create their massive full-on trance hit "Cosmic Love". The track was released over 5 times in various compilations with the latest release with Ananda Tribe Records based on Berlin and Chile in 2012 in V.A. "We Are One". 
Back in 2009 Athena Etana also collaborated with Greek producer INFINITY then-artist of “IONO” Records Germany, and current label owner of Infinity Tunes Records, making massive success with their track "Fuenja Magna" which became part of legendary compilations by John 00 Fleming, GOA CULTURE in GOA CULTURE Volume 3 compiled by John 00 Fleming him self, owner of Joof Records, moderator of his well known Radio Show in the UK, and DJ Bim label manager of YSE Recordings. Then "Fuenja Magna" released again under "Yellow Sunshine Explosion" Records in the Historical V.A. series "GOA BEACH" Vol. 18 again by DJ Bim and DJ DerBus, also "Fuenja Magna" was included on Freeze magazine Athens at 2010 with a re-release by Argy Echosense owner of Dice Web Radio, on his show entitled V.A.s "Human Pagan Stories".

Athena joined forces with Altar records Canada in 2010, being their first official DJ in Greece and Vocalist worldwide, to release another mega-hit with Australian pioneer in electronic underground music scene, Mr. Peculiar named "Ancient Tribes" that was included on V.A. Ether released by the label in 2011 respectively. Continuing her success with Altar Records, Athena Etana releases "Since You Were Gone" with E-mantra another innovative pioneer of worldwide electronic music scene, specialised in Psybient and Goa trance music that was included on his personal album "Silence" released in 2012.
In 2011 Athena collaborates with Indian music Producer "SUNTRIBE" based in Melbourne, Australia to release a single named "Gama Andromedae" dedicated to Andromeda galaxy, by Universal Dance Records. Athena Etana also collaborated with Ash "SUNTRIBE" for his second project named "DIGITAL SUN" in 2012, for his album "Bass Blaster" with the massive hit "NEOLON", that is a remake of "Protoculture" 's mega hit "Avalon" released by 3rd Eye Productions Music Label.

After her world "Wisdom Tour", Athena Etana takes a break releasing only one track for 2013, with Astro-D, a well known producer from Corfu, Greece. The track was included in the producer's remixes album "Astro Navigation" by Geomagnetic music Label based on San Francisco, United States of America.

Athena Etana came back in 2014, releasing her first Digital Single release under Infinity tunes records, shocking the world with a heavy trance track with the name "Rises In The Dog Star". The track was included on Sci-Fi short film "Bridge to Our Galactic Family" and Documentary "Dogon and Sirius" by Star Alternative T.V. in South Africa. In an interview for AthenaEtana4Us Blog, Athena Etana revealed that the lyrics of the track was taken by a stone tablet found in Northern Greece, where Goddess Isis presents her self to her earthly worshipers.

After the end of her second world "Remembrance Tour" in 2015 Athena Etana goes back to studio with Alpha-Tek and Nortoel to create another Psybient masterpiece named "Clotho" in honour of one of the tree Fates known as Moirai in ancient Greece, to be released in late 2016 under Blue Tunes Chill Out Germany.

In 2017 Athena Etana finally released her debut LP album named "HIEROTELESIS" (Sacred Ritual), a mixture of electronica, neoclassic, psydub, psybient, and new age. An experiment with psychoacoustic therapeutical atmospheric mediums, and epic musical patterns, that opened the doors to a much larger audience, offering visual experience with music videos and eclectic soundscaping.
Also in late 2017 Athena Etana released her first compilation under Sirius Owl Records, "METABHAKTI BLISS VOLUME 1" with features from artists like Kenji Williams, Eva Pacifico, CJ Catalizer and many more. 
Cullently to be re-released in 2022.

Athena Etana released "Levitation Tendencies" a techno-trance single in the authentic early 2000 sound, in 2019. Levitation Tendencies, stayed at the top 10 of #Reverbnation​ charts for 12 weeks in a row, holding the number #1 spot for 4 weeks consistently.

In 2020, Athena released her second V.A. compilation "Meta Bhakti Silence Vol.2"

In the loving memory of Bruno Isidro and Nikos Marantidis, the deceased artists were collaborators of the vocalist for almost a decade and, were honoured with this various artists compilation by artists as, Deedrah, ManMadeMan, Chronos, The Egg, Zero Cult and many other legendary ground breaking artists from all over the globe.

Athena Etana is currently recording her second official album.

With her outstanding presence in underground electronic music scene Athena Etana established her Chill Out, space electronic music and universal brand worldwide, being the very first artist in Greek electronic music history, to combine songwriting, producing, singing, performing and lyrical writing in Greece.

Athena Etana has won 2 People Choice Awards in 2015, presented to her by "INTERNATIONAL GREEKS FESTIVAL", "PAN-HELLENIC SONG FESTIVAL and CHOIR BANDS AND DANCING" Institute of Greek Macedonia as International Music Producer, International Singer and International Composer for 2015.

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